Friday, February 1, 2013

Our February Bulletin Board

My classroom bulletin board for the month of February, titled We are blown away by love, was yet another Pinterest inspiration, found here and here. I liked both ideas and decided to incorporate both into my bulletin board putting my own spin things.

 I thought that the mailbox and wintery wind was such a cute idea. I also liked that I could leave up the background from my winter wonderland bulletin board (anything to make life easier when you are 9 months pregnant). To make the bulletin board, I just freehanded the mailbox, the woodgrain on the wooden post was the most fun because I just did scribbles with a brown marker. I felt that the more scribbles I added the better it looked. 

I think that the all bulletin boards should include student artwork. My students love to show off their creations to their loved ones when they visit our school. As for the student artwork on this board each student made a heart out of their handprints and completed 4 sentences with things that they loved. It was so funny to see what the students wrote on their letters. Most of the students wrote things like mom, dad, siblings, teacher, or pet, but one little boy loved his pet  snake and squirrel. : ) I thought that the hearts made of the student handprints was a cute addition to their love letters.