Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Kindergarteners Say

Ok, so I have to share what one of my kindergarteners told me today. In the middle of reading groups, one of my students asked me, "Mrs. Angle, do you know how to destroy the devil?" I then proceeded to ask this student how I could destroy the devil. Next the student said "you have to tell him that you have God." I then asked him if he had God in his heart and he said, "Yes, I just told you I destroyed the devil and told him that I have God!" I had tears in my eyes. This was one of the sweetest and innocent comments I have ever heard. I just had to take a minute and a deep breath. This truthful comment allowed me to realize that no matter how flustered or tired I get, I just have to remember how innocent all these little sweet miracles sitting in my classroom can be.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

100th Day of School

Today was our 100th Day of school! This is a big deal in the Kindergarten World! We did all kinds of 100th day activities. I actually think that I counted to 100 like one hundred times today. LOL

I found an idea for this adorable 100th Day of school banner for my classroom door on Pinterest. I just knew that my students would love walking through the streamers to celebrate our 100th Day. The kids actually called it their carwash! They are so imaginative!

Using our 100 Counting Mats, we counted to 100 using yummy finger foods, including sunflower seeds, pretzel rods, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried cherries, Cheese-its, Cherroies, Chex cereal, popcorn, and Goldfish. The students counted out ten pieces of ten different foods. We then counted to one hundred, counting by ones and tens. 

The students found objects around the classroom that we could practice counting to 100. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Kindergarten's Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board

This was my winter bulletin board, which if I do say so myself, is extremely creative and adorable. My bulletin board is the first thing that visitors l see when they come in the front door of our school. This just makes me feel like I have to make my bulletin boards extra creative and special.

I am especially proud of this board. I found inspiration from pinterest  (located here). My very generous and caring cooks saved and washed 16 milk cartons for our winter houses. Next, I cut out doors and windows into each carton, creating a house. Then my students were able to decorate their houses however they wanted, using construction paper, tissue, paper, pipe cleaners, and other scrap craft materials. The students really got into this activity. One student even made a satellite dish on top of their roof! : ) Once the students finished their houses I arranged the Christmas lights and each house was hung with a light inside. This had to be my favorite bulletin board yet!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


If you have not heard of DonorsChoose, you should really check it out. This is a website that links classroom teachers in need of supplies to generous donors wanting to donate to classrooms in need. I just found out that my DonorsChoose project was fully funded and that my new classroom materials will be on their way soon! I am so excited and I know that my students will really enjoy some new center materials in our classroom. I am so thankful for those generous donors who provided the funding for my new classroom materials.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My First Post:

For some time now, I have been an avid blog follower... teacher blogs, crafty blogs, and just recently mommy blogs. I have greatly admired all of the bloggers I follow, but I always thought that I would never be techie enough to manage my own blog. As those of you who know me, well know, I am probably the least techie twenty-five year-old you have ever meet. I have never posted on Facebook, in fact I don't think I even know how to make a post on Facebook. And it has only been within the last year that I upgraded from my like ten year-old clunky phone to an iPhone. Well, despite my technological  challenges, here it goes.

Although I have a busy life and it is about to get even a lot more busy with a the addition of my new little guy, I have decided to start a blog! I am a wife, a kindergarten teacher, a crafter, and I am about to have a little one and become a new mom. Recently, I decided that creating my own blog would be be a great way for me to keep in contact with my family and friends, allowing them to keep taps on my growing family. After some studying and research (and much technical frustration), this is what I have come up with. Well, everyone here it goes.... wish me good luck! : )  (so that I survive all of the technical stuff - LoL)