Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Kindergarteners Say

Ok, so I have to share what one of my kindergarteners told me today. In the middle of reading groups, one of my students asked me, "Mrs. Angle, do you know how to destroy the devil?" I then proceeded to ask this student how I could destroy the devil. Next the student said "you have to tell him that you have God." I then asked him if he had God in his heart and he said, "Yes, I just told you I destroyed the devil and told him that I have God!" I had tears in my eyes. This was one of the sweetest and innocent comments I have ever heard. I just had to take a minute and a deep breath. This truthful comment allowed me to realize that no matter how flustered or tired I get, I just have to remember how innocent all these little sweet miracles sitting in my classroom can be.

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