Monday, January 7, 2013

My Kindergarten's Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board

This was my winter bulletin board, which if I do say so myself, is extremely creative and adorable. My bulletin board is the first thing that visitors l see when they come in the front door of our school. This just makes me feel like I have to make my bulletin boards extra creative and special.

I am especially proud of this board. I found inspiration from pinterest  (located here). My very generous and caring cooks saved and washed 16 milk cartons for our winter houses. Next, I cut out doors and windows into each carton, creating a house. Then my students were able to decorate their houses however they wanted, using construction paper, tissue, paper, pipe cleaners, and other scrap craft materials. The students really got into this activity. One student even made a satellite dish on top of their roof! : ) Once the students finished their houses I arranged the Christmas lights and each house was hung with a light inside. This had to be my favorite bulletin board yet!

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