Friday, September 6, 2013

September: Time for Apples!

It seems that I always have a theme to go along with each month's crafts and activities. For the month of September the theme is apples. My class studies the parts of the apple, sequencing the life cycle of an apple, seasons of the apple tree, Johnny Appleseed, apple tasting, and we even made applesauce. 

I love using my students' artwork as seasonal decorations in my classroom. Last year, I really enjoyed coming up with a new craft for my windows each season. For September we created sun catcher apples. I created a red apple frame and using contact paper, my students created these fabulous apples with tissue paper squares. 

After tasting three different kinds of apples, my students created an apple tasting graph, selecting their favorite apple.

I brought in my Crocpot and we created our very own applesauce. The students loved reading the recipe and measuring all of the ingredients. I must say it was delicious!!

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